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            Small World  Shop

The Small World Shop sells fair trade products at a fair and just price from SERRV International and Equal Exchange.  The shop is located in the Rotunda by the main entrance and is open Sundays after the 10:30 service and other times by special arrangements.  Find a meaningful and unique gift for every occasion.


$1,200 in product sales supports a family for an entire year in many developing

countries.  Purchases of fair trade products have a direct impact on our global

market’s great injustices: the inequality in income, lack of childhood education and

quality of life for people living in developing countries.


Buying fair trade products helps:

-Artisans and farmers sustain their business and families

-Support equal rights for women

-Guide sustainable development

-Pay a fair wage

-Combat child labor

-Support childhood education


Every year the shop makes a donation to the church operating budget.  The

following charities have benefited from shop proceeds:  Justice For Our Neighbors

(JFON), Friends In Deed, IHN Alpha House, God’s Country Cooperative Parish, House

By The Side of the Road, Cass Community Services, Belleville United Methodist

Church’s Food Pantry, Ecumenical Center & International Residence in Ann Arbor,

Church World Service, and SERRV grant program.


SERRV with us, it crafts an experience that rewards every person it touches and

helps build a sustainable style of life that enriches us all.

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