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Church History



In 1825 the early Methodist traveling preacher or circuit rider, Elias Patee organized a society of five member in Woodruff’s Grove (now Ypsilanti), the nucleus from which evolved our present United Methodist Church of Ypsilanti.  With its beginnings in frontier cabins, it began to grow as more people moved to the area. 


In the 1830’s, this small congregation built its first chapel on River Street.  In March of 1843, during a revival service, the floor of the chapel collapsed and the wood stove fell over.  The chapel was destroyed.  Construction began immediately on a new church building on the site of our present church.  The congregation continued to grow and thrive in this building until it was decided that a larger building was needed. 


In 1892, our present building was built and consecrated.  We are grateful to be the stewards of the gift of this beautiful building, but more importantly, of this rich heritage handed down to us by strong, faithful people. 


Mission is in our DNA.  Since its early days, the church has maintained its faithful ministry to the community and the world.  And we have been sustained because whenever the people of God act in faith as they engage in mission, a blessing follows. 


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